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Premios > Insights  > 5 Tips Every Tech Team Needs to Know to Ensure Software Adoption

5 Tips Every Tech Team Needs to Know to Ensure Software Adoption

Why is it that 61% of all technology projects fail at the point of implementation?

What happens to even the best managed technical projects when they move from development and testing to “Go-Live” within the organization?

Why do so many fail to realize their anticipated ROI?

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The truth is, despite the best processes, any project implementation that impacts people and their behavior is going to create resistance that will slow or threaten your project.  The biggest misstep among technical teams is to focus only on satisfying the technical objectives of a project and not considering the people objectives as well.  The result is often a “failed” project and negative ROI.

Resistance is inevitable – but it can also be managed with proactive planning in parallel with your development cycle.  Here are 5 sure fire tips that you can use to manage resistance and increase adoption:

ONE: Leverage a Proven Change Management Process and Communicate Your Business Case for Change

  • Like a good project plan, leveraging a proven change management process will ensure that you’ve covered all your bases from introducing a new project to the organization and addressing critical implementation steps to changing behavior and increasing adoption.
  • Developing a solid business case for change ensures alignment between the technical team and management. It’s also the basis for your first communication to end users that defines what the project (or change) is; why the project is being implemented; and what the consequences are for not implementing or adopting the new technology.

TWO: Ensure Solid Cascaded Sponsorship

  • A lack of effective sponsorship is the #1 cause for most project failures at implementation.
  • Educated and visible sponsorship by the right leaders within the organization is critical to ensure that there is reinforcement of change and adoption. Identify the right sponsors for your project and get their commitment to communicate, model and reinforce the change.

THREE: Anticipate, Surface and Manage Resistance

  • Resistance can be both good and bad. Resistance can be good when you know what it is so that you can then manage it ahead of your implementation.  Resistance is bad when left un-managed because we already know that it slows adoption. Your challenge is to surface resistance, then manage it head on.
  • Use creative ways such as focus groups, surveys, one-on-one meetings, assessments to surface resistance by end users of your technology project in advance of implementation.

FOUR: Create A Reinforcement Strategy

  • Behavior change and adoption occurs fastest when the end users impacted by your technology are properly reinforced by sponsors in the organization using all three reinforcement elements: Rewards, Negative Consequences, and Level of effort required
  • Share the resistance that you’ve surfaced with your sponsors so that they can create the right reinforcement strategies to accelerate adoption.

FIVE: Communicate. Communicate.

  • Develop a custom communications plan for your project that is designed to change behavior. Deliver a steady stream of information beginning with your “Business Case for Change” throughout the lifecycle of your project.
  • Don’t rely on email alone, but use a variety of 2-way communication tools to share information (and collect feedback) about the project through every phase.

What’s your plan for adoption?  We can help!  Contact PREMIOS today for access to tools and expertise to ensure that your next software project is not only developed at its best, but adopted within your organization successfully.

About the Author

Scott Snyder is the COO and senior consultant for DNA Worldwide. For over three decades, Scott has built a consistent track record of transforming early stage companies into high-performing organizations, and re-inventing existing companies from the inside out to realize new levels of success through the implementation of proven change management best practice, hands-on training, and a focus on building a culture of action learning that enables efficient success. Read more about the PREMIOS and DNA Worldwide partnership.

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