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Premios > Insights  > Agile Methodology and Your Tech Project

Agile Methodology and Your Tech Project

Agile Methodology for Efficient Software Management

The Spitfire Group uses agile methodology principles to create a custom set of guidelines and processes to help you manage your software projects in the most efficient, productive manner. The process emphasizes short delivery cycles called “sprints” that produce potentially shippable software, and each successive sprint adds functionality to the product. Requirements gathering, analysis and design are ongoing activities throughout the project rather than occurring only at the beginning. Each sprint typically lasts two to three weeks and begins with a Sprint Planning Meeting and ends with a Sprint Review. At the start of each day, a focused, 15-minute meeting called the “Daily SCRUM” is held to review the progress of the team. Each team member is required to answer the following three questions:

  • What did you accomplish yesterday?
  • What are you working on today?
  • What impediments are in your way?

A SCRUM team is given the goal and is empowered, through collaboration and cooperation, to decide how to achieve it. The Spitfire Adaptive Methodology (SAM) is applied to each project and results in significant cost savings over traditional Software Development Methodologies.

  • Accommodates changes in requirements during the project based on agile practices.
  • Project costs are reduced dramatically by defining detail based on business priority.
  • Rapid construction cycles and regular demonstrations improve end user adoption.
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