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Agile Metrics Provide Quantitative Insights into Cost and Value

Agile Metrics Sizes Software for Portfolio Value Delivery

Agile Metrics

Agile Metrics provide quantitative insights into the value delivered by projects, programs and/or portfolios using Agile software development techniques.  A well designed Agile metrics program provides quantifiable insights critical to planning agile projects, programs and portfolios. Agile metrics at the team and program level are essential for effective planning and estimation enabling better evaluation of software development investments.

Agile techniques have historically leveraged relative measures to size work, compute velocity and other team level metrics. The most common examples of size metrics in agile are Story Points and Ideal Days. These measures work well at the team level but cannot be aggregated across teams to give program or portfolio perspectives.  This aggregation is necessary to develop a broader view of value across many teams.

Our consultants can work with you to implement aggregate Agile metrics to give leadership enterprise wide, quantitative data-driven insights and transparency into the organizations economic and engineering performance across agile projects, programs and portfolios.

We can even help you get more value from outsourced Agile software development with our “Fixed Price Agile” contracting approach which we can automate with our partners at CAST Software.

Our Agile Metrics Offerings Include:

  • Training: Agile Estimation
  • Agile Transformation Value Measurement Proof of Concept
  • Value Metrics Proof-of-Concept

Consulting Services:

The Agile Metrics services featured above are packaged, standard offerings developed from years of practical experience working with industrial and commercial clients within multiple industries. These services are effective and proven but we understand you may have specific needs. We often get requests to develop customized offerings based on the fundamentals of our Agile Metrics service(s), and we’d be delighted to discuss your particular situation.

Common Use Case Scenarios for Agile Project Metrics

Usage of metrics in agile is seen often in these use cases:

Agile Transformation

Many organizations have replaced their waterfall model with Agile teams for a portion of their software development and seen the benefits at small scale. Agile project metrics become a locus of interest. Before committing to a large-scale transition, establishing an agile project management metrics program can ensure that the expected benefits will be realized by the organization.

Portfolio Planning and Capacity Benchmarking

Portfolio planning is, at its heart, an exercise of deciding what can be completed that delivers the maximum level of value. Capacity benchmarking quantifies your delivery throughout. Agile project metrics based on function points provide a means to prioritize and measure capacity and work in process.

Agile Governance

There are multiple levels of data that can provide insight for data-driven decision-making. The diagram ‘Agile Governance Metrics Roadmap’ provides a visual guide to the types of data, inside-out, needed for an organization to effectively oversee agile.

When our IT staff wanted to learn about Agile techniques and incorporate best practices from Agile, we called upon you to help us tailor our current methodology and to train the IT team.Tom Cagley came on site and analyzed our processes then created a custom curriculum for my team. Immediately following the three days of training, we trialed this methodology for a project to develop a new application, and it has been a relatively smooth transition from our old way of doing projects. You gave us the tools and information we needed to improve our project delivery. And you did it in a cost-effective, engaging, and stimulating class. We were able to train our entire staff of 40 people in two 3-day sessions. I highly recommend PREMIOS to help transition to Agile.

- Chris Durski
Senior Manager, IMS HealthInformation Technology
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