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Premios > Insights  > Can Agile Be Used to Rescue a Troubled Project?

Can Agile Be Used to Rescue a Troubled Project?

The March Trusted Advisor report is now available on our website. In the reportTom Cagley considers the question of whether or not Agile can be used to rescue troubled IT projects.

Tom explains the benefits of Agile development, the Agile process and when and how Agile can specifically be used to rescue projects that are failing.

The report is available here.

As always, the topic of the report was selected by Trusted Advisor members. Members submit questions to the backlog as they choose, and they can also vote on the questions they want to have researched. Each month, the DCG Research Team produces a report on the question with the most votes.

If you wish to join Trusted Advisor, contact Tony Timbol at 610-644-2856 or

So, what are your thoughts? Is Agile the best choice for rescuing troubled IT projects? Would you choose a different framework or tool?

Sarah Weddle
Marketing Associate / Social Media Specialist

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