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Premios > Insights  > COSMIC Method ‘Measurement Manual’ Version 4.0.1

COSMIC Method ‘Measurement Manual’ Version 4.0.1

We’re happy to announce that version 4.0.1 of the COSMIC method ‘Measurement Manual’ is now available for download from The Common Software Measurement International Consortium.

The latest version includes a number of changes meant to increase the reader’s understanding and comprehension of the material discussed. In addition to those changes, it also corrects one error in the rules for “data movement uniqueness.” Otherwise, there are no substantial changes to the Principles, Rules and Definitions of the method.

A full list of all changes from v3.0 to v4.0 and to v4.0.1 is given in the manual’s Appendix.

This manual is of great use to those interested in quantitative sizing (we offer COSMIC sizing services here at DCG), so be sure to check it out. If you have any questions about COSMIC or the updated manual, let us know!

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