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Premios > Insights  > The Special Forces Model: Force Multipliers

The Special Forces Model: Force Multipliers

A few months ago, when our senior leadership team was reviewing where we provided the most impact and value to our clients, we determined that when our clients embedded Premios into their IT teams, the teams were able to perform at a level which greatly exceeded the expectations for the size of the team.

This concept is a military strategy that we are familiar with – Force Multiplication. A force multiplier is anything that is added to the equation that helps a team perform as a multiple of their size. My favorite example is the story of the 300 Spartans defending against the Persian hordes at the Hot Gates. In the story, the geography acted as a force multiplier allowing the Spartans to hold off the thousands of Persians. In today’s world, we often use technology as a force multiplier: technologies like GPS, and space-based sensors have acted as a force multiplier to many armies.

In the IT world, the largest complaint we hear is that companies are unable to hire and retain the technical talent that they need to accomplish major goals and objectives. This fact is unlikely to change in the short term, which creates a greater need to implement force multipliers into IT departments. Premios focuses on training our teams to serve as force multipliers for our clients. When our teams are embedded within our clients’ IT departments, those joint teams are able to accomplish projects that far exceed what is normally accomplished by a team of that given size.

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