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Premios > Insights  > What Would the Next CIO Do?

What Would the Next CIO Do?

Bryson Payne posed an interesting question in his recent article for CIO Magazine: what would the next CIO do?

As Payne explains, CIOs typically have a relatively short shelf life. However, instead of focusing on that fact and accepting fate, a CIO should instead consider the pressing problems of his or her organization and deal with them from a fresh perspective.

“Don’t wait for someone else to take all the glory.” That’s good advice. The current CIO has the opportunity now to breathe new life into his or her team and tackle the issues that a new CIO would go after.

Are you a CIO – or is your boss a CIO? Consider the pain points of your organization – what would the new guy fix? Or, what should the new guy fix? Where is the low hanging fruit? Start there.

Identify jackhammer issues (unnecessary inconveniences) and eliminate them.

Finally, focus on relationships – your network is the key to keeping you aware of the needs of your organization. So, build connections, repair damaged relationships and establish new partnerships that will bring value to your team.

Payne’s advice is worth considering – a fresh perspective can serve as the catalyst for change.

So, what would you change now, if you had the chance? Or, if a new CIO came in, where would you suggest he or she starts?

Access the article: “Preempting the Next CIO.”

Mike Harris
DCG President

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