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Premios > Insights  > Why .NET

Why .NET

Focus is the key ingredient to becoming an expert. That’s why Premios focused its custom software efforts on .NET and the tools and frameworks that are commonly associated with the Microsoft technology stack. While we are often asked to develop in other technologies, we have to take those projects on sparingly because we are dedicated to being the very best at what we do. By focusing our skills on .NET, we know we are getting a mature Framework that scales massively, and has all the tools we need to write effective software for our clients. We also know that our developers will have the experience to solve the difficult problems that usually arise in a large software development project.


The framework, introduced in 2002, has become an open source option with a large, global  pool of talented developers. Because our experts have been focused on this technology for its entire life, we are able to troubleshoot applications based on older versions of the framework and recommend the right path to upgrade applications to newer versions of the framework. Having experts in your corner reduces the risk of on any technical project and that reduces your stress!

By Mark Richtermeyer

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