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Premios > Insights  > Why Senior Tech Leadership Matters

Why Senior Tech Leadership Matters

At a recent gathering, I heard a CEO say that his organization didn’t need a CIO or a CTO because it had “democratized” technology. Yikes.

This particular company’s philosophy is to run its technology with the concept of controlled chaos. This is not a sustainable model. Having been in tech consulting for a few decades, I can say with 100% certainty, this is a very bad strategy – not that chaos is ever a good strategy.

If costs soar and security plummets without a strategic vision for how to maintain and leverage technology at a high level, applications and data tend to overlap, and interoperability suffers. No one wants interoperability to suffer. The SOX audit is often where the problem is highlighted.

This is why I believe there is still a very important role for a tech leader at the big table. Like most leadership roles, tech leaders are always relevant.

But in the short-term, CIOs must create value – and not just a little bit of value – big value. How? By reducing costs, empowering employees and customers’ to access information that helps them to make better decisions – all the while creating a secure environment and secure systems.

 The key to staying relevant and creating value is to view the CIO not as a technical role, but as a business role and a leadership role. This is the future. This is how we lay the foundation for the next iteration of technology – and it is how we will all remain relevant. 

As employees demand more access to information, CIOs will be challenged to ensure that applications and data are easily accessible; CIOs will provide a good return on investment; and CIOs will ensure that information is accurate and timely.

Let’s not democratize technology. Let’s maximize technology. It’s what the future demands.

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